Access to my personal details

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I can't see my personal details on my siwes portal where I will be required to edit add company name and I the only one with this issue? I need help please.

Job reporting form

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Please anyone with an idea of how to get job reporting form? Am I to get it from the school or my primary place of assignment

I registered Siwes since last

I registered Siwes since last but I can't access where I can add my Siwes record i.e unable to fill the forms for further processing my Siwes. please I need help!


Good day,

Please when are we defending?

Add siwes record,

Please I have not been able to fill my siwes details on the portal,abeg noun management, should add the siwes record on the portal so I can proceed

I need help please, I did my

I need help please, I did my siwes in September 18, 2019 to March 13, 2020. Even beyond because my supervisor have closed relationships with me and am still going there whenever he needs my assistant. I did my presentation in January 2020. and summited my logbooks and report perhaps councilor signed and scores me. However, my logbook has been returned twice from Abuja to my study center MUSHIN without uploading to my portal may while my colleagues whom we did together theirs came out on the graduation list please what could I do ?

Siwes record missing

Please I have not been able to fill my detail on the siwes record on my portal,
Please I will really appreciate if this is rectified on time. Thank you

Add siwes record

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Please... I really need help to fill my industrial training record. I have laid the same issue but no avail. please how can I log to fill the information.

Add siwes record

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Please I need help on filling my industrial training record. I have made the same issue but no avail. Please need your help.

Can't print forms

I am unable to edit or print out forms needed to start my sewis.I need assistance.Thanks


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Please i have been trying to add siwes record so i can print out form one since last semester it has refuse to print i can't even find ADD SIWES RECORD WHEN I LOGIN

Please sir/ma been trying to

Please sir/ma been trying to login to fill information on the Swiss record it was showing enter the company name and address please what will I do


Please how do I access my siwes portal and the process of uploading my information


please how can i fill my placement form

Mass communication

Hi good evening, am a student of mass communication, please how can I obtain my IT form
And fill it.thank you

cant find the Add my SIWES RECORD

i cant find the Add my SIWES RECORD to start on inputting Personal Details
pls help


I find it difficult to edit my SIWES record, if click on edit SIWES record is not displaying anything , please I really need help

Missing course farm practice courses

Good afternoon sir,
I can't find the course AEC403 - Farm appraisal and evaluation in the siwes portal.
Please help me sir.
Thank u so much

computer science

can't even find ADD SIWES RECORD WHEN I LOGIN to my industral training portal
for a week now i need respose please


How do l register for the siwes log book after l register in my nouonline portal


I just succeeded in uploading my Siwes courses /records. I started my Siwes since 10 /10/2020 and hope to round up in October since it is now a year program, my question is that how do i get the correct contacts and other informations of the supervisors i have not been to their units for uploading? Or can i still edit at the end of any course since i have up to 15 different courses to carry out practicals on? Please i need an advice... Agric student.. Lokoja center

Good morning all please can

Good morning all please can someone brief me how the system works where


Hello, pls I'm offering CSS431. How do I access the course here in this platform. Also where and how can I access the form???
Pls someone should put me through... Thanks.

Placement for SIWESS

I have not done SIWESS/IT, how can I be posted what should I do to get posting letter and logbook?

SIWES Master's List

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Good day everyone,
Please how do I locate "Master's List" to be able to download Form 2, 3 and 4.

Best Regards

can find the form to fill in my siwes portal

Goodmorning sir/madam

I have been finding it difficult to fill the siwes form so i can print the placement, acceptance and evaluation form, please help reset my page so i can fill it..... nou171040852



I recently log in to my siwes portal but I can't seem to enter my place of placement I.e company's name and address. Please what can I do


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My dear learned friends please i am new here in this platform please guide me on how to go about doing siwes presently i have collected request for placement form 002.

How to edit my Siwes record.

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Am finding it dificult to love in and change my Siwes record please help.

siwes Record

please i cant view my siwes record some one should help thank you


I am in Environmental science and Resource management department, am I suppose to submit anything at ITF office? Cause I don't have any ITF related form.

I am yet to see my SIWES/IT result.

Name: ADEWUNMI Aduragbemi.
Centre: Abeokuta
Faculty: Science and Technology
Programme: B.Sc Computer Science

For the past two years and some months, I have not seen my IT result. I submitted and did the IT defense the third Last December, and till now I have not seen any result.
I have complained several times to my study centre and the issue still persist. Please help, I am getting frustrated by this, please help me.


i was completed report at KEDCO Kano Industrial Region,
Technical Department Planning & Investment

Creating SIWES Record.

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Please I need help with uploading my record. After entering my details it will always come up the the unique combination has already been used and SIWES record does not exist. Please help.As am already in my final year.

How to edit my Siwes record.

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Good day Sir.

Please am having issues to edit my Siwes record and this has been happening now for over a months and also am unable to print all the request forms.

Thanks for your urgent assistant.

Unable to edit information in my portal

I'm having issue with my portal. I can't input my detail. I can't edit the siwess portal. The icon there is view siwess and form 002, 003 etc
I can't find form 001. I have sent a mail, they replied and said I should login with my matric number as my password, which I did but it's saying wrong password. Pls guys how do I go about this. I need help


I was unable to add my SIWES RECORD. Please, help me to rectify the issue.

Change of placement form 002 and acceptance form 003.

Please, is it possible for me to change the above forms, having filled and printed it already. I am having some challenges with my company of attachment. Kindly guide me on how to go about it. Thanks.

Released result

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Good evening ma/sir

Pls how do we chech our result because I heard some have been released.

Thank you

please I cannot add my SIWES

please I cannot add my SIWES record am looking a place to add it please help!

Unable to register for my SIWES

My name is okeke Ngozi Blessing of noun Jos centre, please sir/ma I have being finding it difficult to register for my SIWES. Meanwhile, after several attempt it says 'no Acount found' Please, what do I do