Editing of placement form 002 and acceptance form 003.

Good day, I have made several attempts at editing my placement forms 002 and 003 but to no avail. I completed the forms about 2 months earlier but I got organization that is more related to my field of study. Kindly guide me through. Thanks.

Job reporting form

Please how can one get the job reporting form?

Form 002 & 003

Request for placement form - Form 002
You have not entered a company name and address.

Placement Acceptance - Form 003
You have not entered a company name and address.

Please, I need help. Thank you.

NO 'ADD' column

Pls i cannot see 'add' under my siwes record in order to be able to create or register the siwes online.

Personal details

I'm a mass communication student..
Please will I be able to print out my placement form after filling the personal details form?

My siwes results

Please,I have seen my siwes results what is the problem?

Release of my I.T Result

Hello Sir/Ma
I have submitted my SIWES work since October Last year and yet my result is still pending. I have complaint in my study Centre (Ilorin) severally no positive answer. Please i need help


Please I started my siwes may3rd and no supervisor has come yet

Cannot Add SIWES record too

i also cannot add my SIWES record as there's no button to click to do this


pls i work with Finacial and Business Consultants and am studying Business Education, can i do my SIWES in my place of work?


pls i work with Financial and investment consultant and am studying Business education can i do my SIWES in my place of work?

CRD 330 industrial training II

Good evening, please I need help, I have submitted my SIWES since December 2020, till this day, I still haven't since my result.
I have lodge complaints at the center but still hasn't seen it.


please how can i check my siwes result


please am unable to print my placement form 2 and even 3 and 4 pls i need advice thanks

IT Forms

Please, how can I print the IT forms.

Employers Evaluation Form

Please, I am trying to download the employers evaluation form but its giving an error that the file location no longer exist. Please I need assistance as am about submitting my logbook and technical report


Good day I have been unable to print nor download my SIWES placement form 002 and form 003. Each time i try printing it says printing error. I need a solution regarding to that. Thank you

Can't download the IT forms

Been trying since Monday to download the 3 PDF forms it's showing one error I don't understand please help

cant find the Add my SIWES RECORD

please the above issue still remains unresolved

can someone please help?! its getting to a year now

Duration for PCR student

Please what is the duration for IT /SIWES of PCR student ?


please 'i registered for IT these semester and up till now Am not able to fill the form # Acceptance form of where Am doing the it'please whats wrong.

I had problem with my siwes

My logbook has been with me for more than 6months cuz I had health issues and I’m now worried if I can still submit it this semester, I’ll appreciate and useful information in this regards thank you

Haven't been permitted to view&edit my siwess

I've been trying all this while ,, but I haven't been permitted to view&edit it!!!!! I'll be glad if my complaint is favorable resolved

I can't view of edit

I can't register for siwes. It's been a week and the site isn't responding

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Good day
Please I have been having issues on my Swiss portal, I can't access my swiss forms. It just kept repeating same page I can't view our edit the Swiss
Please kindly resolve this


I can't access the request for replacement form 001

Beleonwu chidiebere

I'm really finding it difficult to fill in my siwes record,,,, if i click on it , it takes me to the page all over again for weeks now.... pls help thank you

cannot print or edit my company register

I can't view and edit SIWES record after completing the personal details section, attempt to request for Placement form-002 to 04 will always refer me to SIWES record for an omission of company name and address.

Please help, I need to print the necessary forms and commence my SIWES.


Good day, please i have submitted my technical report alongside the logbook 4 three months now, no response from the school. What can i do?

Letter of Introduction

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Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolutions


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I can't generate placement letter, Acceptance and Evaluation Form. Pls help me on this.

Siwes forms

Please help me. I can't add my SIWES record or even download the forms. i also cannot add my SIWES record as there's no button to click to do this

Questions and requests no response

I went through all comments here and its just questions and questions. if there is anyone who has an answer to all these questions here, why not say something to help those who needs direction or answer?

Registration for SIWES and Submission of Log book

I am a student of crop science (400 level), registering for SIWES on the portal does it mean I am to register it for both 1st and snd semesters respectively.
Secondly, would the submission of the logbook be on a semester basis or at the end of the 52 weeks? for it to be graded for both 1st and 2nd-semester results.

Swiss portal issue

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I was trying to upload my data on my SIWES portal but the Add SIWES record is not displayed, it only showing view and edit SIWES.
Am l the only one having this issue??


We plenty ooooooooooooo

Technical report was sumitted

My siwes work experince was sumitted on 5 oct.2021 at the study center wukari.therefor iam waiting to sumit on line copy.

Technical report was submitted

My technical report was submitted at the wukari study center on 5 of oct. 2021. Therefor iam waiting to submit a soft copy whenever the submition portal is on

Technical report was sumitted

My siwes work experince was submitted on 5 oct.2021 at the study center wukari.therefor iam waiting to submit on line copy.

Add siwes record

Good morning all.
Pls am offering bsc biology and up till now I haven't been able to add my siwes record though I just registered it last month.pls I need assistance on how to go about it. Thanks

Account update

good morning, please my IT form page is not available in my account and I have made the SWISS payment of 10,000, what should I do? thanks


Good morning, Please am offering Computer Science BSc. I have paid and registered for the Swiss, but up till now I have not been able to add my swiss record and it has been more than one month I registered. how do I resolve this please? thank you.

Missing of placement request form on my SIWES Portal.

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I have been trying to fill my SIWES form but I couldn't see the request placement form where I can fill the company chosen for my SIWES. So I can not further on my portal. I urgently need a solution in resolving this issue at hand. This particular form is missing on my SIWES portal.