Technical Report is to be

Technical Report is to be submitted through your study centre along with the logbook, thank you.

Technical report

Is there a specific formal in writing the technical report

Technical report

Is there a specific format to write the technical report


Technical Report is to be submitted through your study centre along with the logbook, thank you.

So it means technical report

So it means technical report is now summited to study centre not online again

Technical report.

technical report is to be submitted in your school center.

Course Relevant to place of SIWES

Am a student of Communication Technology, faculty of Science. I have chosen my current place work which is an Fmcg - Fast moving consumable goods for the SIWES. Please, I hope this isn't an issue as my job description is particularly of Industrial engineering.

Hey,dis my contact

Hey,dis my contact 08034076604 am a student of I wan to meet my coursemate to talk to pls

Am Sanusi

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I'm also a Comtech student and my contact is as follows: 08115525852

Nice to meet you

okay, nice to meet you. You can cha me up on 07018784080


You can only do it in your place of work if it's related to your course of study. (Note) It must be related and a particular period dedicated to it.

Job placement

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If they have engineering department, it won't be a problem.

pls note your place of

pls note your place of attachment must relate to your course of study

About siwes

Good morning,
When are we going to commence our siwes now, since we're yet to collect our logbook...

Inquiry About SIWES start up

I write to inquire about the right time to start my SIWES programme due to the fact that schools have not been opened yet because of the COVID-19 pandemic and sequel to the General Instructions given to Students on SIWES, Form 003 and Form 004 must be obtained and returned to Study Center whilst failure to return to the Form 004 is taken as non-participation in the programme.

Now we are not sure when the schools will be reopened, I want to know if it is advisable to start the SIWES programme now and submit the forms later when schools reopen or to hold on till schools open fully.

Please kindly revert back to me on this issue.

I am grateful.

Amanoruo Daniel
PCR Student
Ibadan Study Center


Haruna abdullahi, Kaduna study center, sir I submitted and uploaded my technical report, on 8/10/2020 but I am not sure whether I have uploaded it in appropriate place,
Sir I uploaded it in (logbook and form) on sign acceptance form.
I hope I put in the right place?
Thank sir

No, hello students of great

No, hello students of great NOUN. Based on technical reports upload, please let's us bear it in our mind that "the technical reports would only be submitted physically along with your logbook.

Form 003, which is the acceptance letter, is the one that needs to be uploaded during online registration.

Good day sir, please in my

Good day sir, please in my study centre we were asked to upload form 004 after not form 003, please sir am confused

IT issue

Please where can l do my IT that will be acceptable by NOUN.

Am studying Bsc Biology.

Help please


Sir/madam, am one among those that finished their SIWES April this year, but am need to know whether I can upload the SIWES technical report by myself. Thank

Uploading my evaluation form and log book

I have been trying to upload my evaluation forms and log book reports and scanning then but it has not work.
what should i do.

thank you
Ugbogu samuel

Submitted by Nou158153412

Sir/Ma'am, I'm among those that finished their SIWES June this year, but I want to know if is possible for me to upload my SIWES technical report. Thank

Place of SIWES

Dear all,
I have chosen my place of IT since March this year but due to COVID 19 PANDEMIC, no outsider is allowed to enter the premises for anything aside their staff.
Please what I do

Me too I suppose to start my

Me too I suppose to start my IT but school is closed due to covid 19 and I have been accepted in my place of assignment and I don't know what to do because I need the logbook

I can not add my IT record on the SIWES portal

I register for the IT/SIWES since 23 August 2022. Up to now i can't add my record on the SIWES portal to get my IT letter so that i can start my IT. And I got a place to do the IT is just the IT letter that is holding me now.

ITF and Acceptance form submission

Good Afternoon Sir/Ma,
My name is Okiri Abigail Eduwe, I am among those that are to do SIWES this year, so I was able to start immediately the first lock down was eased but since the educational section were asked not to open i was unable to submit my ITF form after two weeks of starting and also the submission of FORM 003, So i want to know what i am to do in such case. Thanks
Your Faithfully,
Okiri Abigail Eduwe.

Issues on SIWES/ IT report

Hello students, I've observed that the issue that we're facing presently is uploading of our IT report.

With a little knowledge of me about the SIWES/IT report would be explain here, may be it might help others.

I've completed my SIWES/IT since January, 2020, but yet to submit anything at school.

Below are some little knowledge as I earlier said concerned the IT report upload.

1. Technical reports are not to be uploaded online.

2. That in the course of putting your details or information online, only your acceptance letter; which is form 003 would be uploaded. At a space provided.

3. That technical reports and logbook would be submitted at your various study centres.

4. That any other forms that are to be submitted within 2weeks, can also be submitted on completion of your training. (except the ones from ITFs office).

IT submission

Dear sir/ma
I write with respect to the recent development of IT commencing on 5th of October. What will happen to those that had already started and finished theirs. Because I did my IT on 13th January to 13th as the school requested, at NNPC depot I even went to work during the lock down. Now my disengament letter has been handed to me and my ID card returned. The information reaching me now is that I am von my own. Please I abeg that you do something about it because I have a job that wouldn't allow me take permission twice. Thanks I advance


Dear sir/madam,

Am from the department of communication technology, please have submitted my logbook and forms online and in school but i have not seeing my grade since last year(2019).
i will want to know please.
thank you.

please am disturbed.

IT Submission

I am having same problem here too

My Siwes Result/Update

I am a student of Environmental Science and Toxicology, Mushin Center. I did My I.T and summited my Siwes Logbook to my Counselor. Am yet to get update/result. What do I do next?

Request for form 8.

Request for form 8.(student's end of siwess evaluation scheme form.

SIWES Defence

Greetings ive completed my SIWES programme, I am currently in Abuja since last year, hav toing requested for a change of study centre from MCcarthy to Abuja Model Centre which as we speak as yet to be put to effect. i have been unable to do my Siwes project defence.

i need an advice on what to do.



Hi guys,
i was in school yesterday, kindly note that our SIWES defense for students of Lagos Study Centre comes up on the 9th of November 2020.

Dont forget to go with your SIWES report and form 005, also remember to dress well and be prepared to answered questions based on what you did and learnt. Ensure your logbook is signed by ITF first.

All the best to us all.

a month after

having submitted my acceptance form for logbook, month into the delayed I.T because of covid-19, i am yet to receive my log book. hope others are experiencing same thing these period?

Solola rotimi am a computer science student

Have submitted my acceptance letter but it took me a lot of stress before I see a suitable place for my siwes. May God help us through


Please how can I print it letter here


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I want to see my practical work

Css 431

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Field obssavetion


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Siwes program at remind home yols

Css 431

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When I will start my it program and we're I will get my logbook

Unable to view and edit SIWES record

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I can't view and edit SIWES record after completing the personal details section, attempt to request for Placement form-002 will always refer me to SIWES record for an omission of company name and address.

Please help, I need to print the necessary forms and commence my SIWES.

Unable to view and edit SIWES Record.

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I had this problem for long too, until one of the officials visited my centre from Abuja. You must have made a mistake when entering your details. What you will do, login into the SIWES potal, delete your former account. Enter your details afresh.


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Please someone should brief me about Siwes

Missing siews/farm practice courses

Good afternoon sir,
Courses not found on the ilearn space are;
CRP401 - Crop production Techniques (permanent crop).
AEC403 - Farm appraisal
Thank u so much!

Same problem here.

Can you chat me up on 07037747472